Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Very First Google Adsense Payment

After two years of waiting, Finally! I got my very first Adsense Payment. Yay! This is my very first earning from an Affiliate marketing! Google Sent me $111.22. I chose Western Union Quick Cash as my payment method.
Well, I reached the threshold limit last April and so, my payment will be processed within a month so waited until may. The Payment has been issued Last May 25. Google sent me the payment details including MTCN. And since Western Union Quick Cash is Available here in our country, i was able to receive the money the day after the issuance.

So when before you hit the Western Union branch, don't forget to bring 2 valid ID's and also the MTCN provided by Google. You need to have a copy of the Sender's Information too (provided together with the MTCN).

Yay! Mine is converted to Peso already. Thanks Google Adsense!

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