Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing MicroWorkers

Remember my post about Blogging Ads? Now here comes a new site to be added in our Trusted Site list. Introducing MicroWorkers! Unlike other blog advertising sites, you'll get paid here by doing what so-called microjobs. Here's what you can see Inside MicroWorkers
All you have to do is to sign up an account and start browsing micro jobs. These jobs may ask you to Sign up an account, Click or search ads, bookmark a website, Watch and rate Youtube, Like Facebook account, Tweet, Vote and Rate, Yahoo answers, comment on a blog or a forum, Write a review, add link to your blog roll and a whole lot more.
Just select the jobs that you like, finish the tasks and submit the proof or requirements. You will received $1.00 Sign up bonus too.

For Payment, the site has a minimum of $9 threshold limit before you can cash out your money. However, on your first payment, A mail will be sent to you first which contains your pin number. Mine took almost 3 weeks before the mail arrived.
Now after you entered the pin number on their site, you can now cash out the money to your paypal account. Take note, the pin will be sent once! After you enter the pin number on their site, you can now withdraw anytime and the money will be sent directly to your paypal account.
So here's my very first payment from MicroWorkers.

Actually, While I was waiting for the mail to arrive, i was able to earn another $10 to my account. I just withdraw the money awhile ago so maybe my second payment will arrive next week. Cheers.
I still have 2 more sites to reveal. I actually got my payment from the first one but i realized that I need to meet their threshold limit before i can cash out the money. The other one is a PTC site and so far, everything is doing pretty good.

Sponsored Reviews Payment April 28

Got my Payment from Sponsored Reviews Today. Thankie Thankie!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Payment for April

Got my payment from Payu2blog to day. Geez.. it only went $5 higher this month... way too far from my earnings last month but instead of disappointing myself because of this earning... i guess i should be more grateful for this blessing... thanks a lot Payu

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LinkfromBlog Payment

Got my payment from Linkfromblog Today. Cheers!

Introducing BloggingAds

Remember the 4 sites that i am trying out? I am so happy to introduce you the first one. Introducing BloggingAds!
"Well, we are serious. We are looking for bloggers to post one-time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for you to earn money by doing nothing more than you already do - post to your blog. We pay through Paypal."

How Blogging Ads Works?
Well first, you have to register an account. After being verified, you can now submit your blog for approval. I think they only approve blogs that has PR 2 and above. Then after being approved, you can now check your dashboard from time to time to see if there are ads available to you. You just have to post it in your blog and submit the URL in their site.
The approval of your articles usually takes 2-3 weeks and they will pay you within that month as well.
I got my very first payment from BloggingAds. I got the admin's approval for my blog 2 months ago but i received no offers to their site until i got my first one 2 weeks ago.

The site pays you every month. Cheers! I can now include Blogging Ads in one of my Trusted Blog Advertising sites.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Payment From LoudLaunch

I got my Payment from Loudlaunch today. I think this company is not following any payment pattern. Just look at the note from the sender, the payment covers January 20 - February 20. Now the rest of my earnings are not being paid still... I wonder when will they send me the remaining balance.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Ways to Earn Money Online Progress 1

By the way guys, remember my post about the 4 new sites that I am trying right now to see if they are good paying sites or not? I am about to reveal the first one maybe next week. I am just waiting for my payment. It's not too big but good a start! I have earned that money for a short period of time.
The other one will take me almost forever to reach the threshold but then again, Patient is a virtue... I just have to bear with this PTC site.

I'm, not so sure to the other one. I made 2 post for their site but not yet paid for them. It is because I have to wait til the Opportunity expire.

Same thing with the fourth one. NOt really sure yet.

First Payment for April

I got my First payment for April From Payu2blog today. It went $5 higher this time. I guess this is not a peak month for Payu. Some of my friends are also receiving few offers recently from the site. Well, i don't have to be so impatient.. It's better to have $40 than nothing right?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Every Dollar Counts

For me, when it comes to blog advertising, every dollar counts. Whether i'm dealing with a $0.50 offer or lower, it doesn't really matter. Inpostlinks (formerly the Payperpost) is a trusted blog advertising site however, i still prefer their old version. The offers here are good. For a PR2 blogs, you can get opportunities for as high as 15$ but the average would be $2.00. I really don't care how low the offer is's just that, this site is very demanding... Will you consider writing a 200 word article for $0.50??? Very unfair right? Oh and also, you have to wait 30 days before getting paid....
Anyway, got my payments yesterday from this site.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogvertise and Sponsored Reviews Payments

I got my Payment from Blogvertise today. I occasionally receive tasks from this site. They pay you after 30 days.

I also received my payment fro Sponsored Reviews for this month. I have been so inactive for this site these past few weeks and i think i should bid more this time to increase my income for this month.

March 2011 Earnings Report

Hi guys, this is my March 2011 Earnings Report.
Again, Payu2blog took the lead spot followed by LinkFromBlog.
Payperpost got the Third spot for this month since i manually cash my money out from this site.
SponsoredReviews went down to the fourth spot (i think i should bid more this month).
Social Spark is on the fifth spot followed by BuyBlogReviews.
I earned $307 this month which is Php13,201 in peso. It is 1000php lower than what i earned last month.
I thought i will recieve my Adsense payment this month but according to the site, the payment will be sent by the end of April.

Friday, April 1, 2011

First Payment from Social Spark

No i am not hallucinating here... I actually got my very first payment from the new Social Spark. This one is actually a manual cash out. I just don't want to wait another 30 days to receive the next payment. Just like PayperPost, the site has a $50 threshold limit but you can withdraw your money even it's less than 50 however, you will be charge $2 for it.
Start aking money, join Social Spark now.