Monday, April 11, 2011

Payment From LoudLaunch

I got my Payment from Loudlaunch today. I think this company is not following any payment pattern. Just look at the note from the sender, the payment covers January 20 - February 20. Now the rest of my earnings are not being paid still... I wonder when will they send me the remaining balance.


  1. I have earned on PTC! Would you like to come and see Good PTC Start?

  2. I have the same case as you do. I am still waiting for the payment of my earnings which are quite a lot.

  3. This is my bitter experience! Loudlaunch is not paying properly they have to pay me more than 600$ this is a pending payment for last two years. So fellow bloggers be care full while writing paid reviews and blog posts on behalf of them. Instead of paying you they will simply blog your account once the pending payment accumulate, Hence beware fellow bloggers!!!



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