Monday, January 17, 2011

The Advantages of having Self Hosted Blogs

Having a self hosted blog is a big advantage than using free websites or blogs like Blogger. It is true that you can do a lot of good stuffs using free blogger platforms. You can easily publish your articles online however, these free sites have limitations unlike the paid versions.It is important to self host your blog, such as the one you have from In this case, you have to register a domain name and create your unique blog on it without it having any prefix or any name after it. The self hosted blogs maybe used for branding purposes, search engine optimization purposes, personal journal update or any other writing routines you find necessary but the point remains that it is much better than the free versions.
All you have to do is to register your domain and avail web hosting services for your blog. and are few of the well trusted domain providers online. I am previously using as my Web hosting service provider and then i made switch recently to a new one.
Setting up a self hosted blog will take not more than 30 minutes. You do not have to be that techie too! If you know how to follow instructions properly, then definitely there will be no issues upon registering your new domain.
If you are also targeting to enter the world of blog advertising, then having a self hosted blog will be very helpful as it opens huge amount of opportunities! Go ahead, make a switch and start building your own identity!


  1. OK when I decide to make real money from my blog, I will have a self hosted blog!

    Btw, I have added your new blog into my "Blogs I Follow" List : )

  2. yehey
    thanks for visiting me here foong

  3. How much do you pay for self hosting your blog?

  4. that's 35 per year Ish... depende sa server mo
    yung sa kin 10 for domain tapos 25 for web hosting

  5. Wow! Pwedeng patulong Blue.

    Gusto ko ring subukan yang ginagawa mo.

    Pwede ba kita I message sa FB? Papatulong ako sa iyo. Kailangan ko ang help ng experts.

  6. Hi Blue juz cant keep up with your too many 'children'. Now Bananaz knows this blog is one of your babies haha. Great post shall consider my very own hosting in future. Salamat po.


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