Thursday, January 6, 2011

Download Link From Blog Campaign Alerter

Download LinkFromBlog Campaign Alerter if you want to increase your earning from Link From Blog. The software will only took less than two minutes to download.
Why Should you download Campaign Alerter? Well the Campaign Alerter, as what the term suggests will keep you updated with the latest Offers from the advertisers.
Once you downloaded it...A small LinkFrom Blog Icon will appear on your System tray

On the set up, you will be given an option on how often you would like this message to appear on your screen. You can set it from every 2 minutes and above.You will see the alert message containing the the numbers of new campaigns.

Once you click the message, another window will pop up which contains all the new campaigns, just click on each campaign and it will automatically take you to the page for you to bid.

If you're not a member yet, better join us at LinkFromBlog!

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