Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing MicroWorkers

Remember my post about Blogging Ads? Now here comes a new site to be added in our Trusted Site list. Introducing MicroWorkers! Unlike other blog advertising sites, you'll get paid here by doing what so-called microjobs. Here's what you can see Inside MicroWorkers
All you have to do is to sign up an account and start browsing micro jobs. These jobs may ask you to Sign up an account, Click or search ads, bookmark a website, Watch and rate Youtube, Like Facebook account, Tweet, Vote and Rate, Yahoo answers, comment on a blog or a forum, Write a review, add link to your blog roll and a whole lot more.
Just select the jobs that you like, finish the tasks and submit the proof or requirements. You will received $1.00 Sign up bonus too.

For Payment, the site has a minimum of $9 threshold limit before you can cash out your money. However, on your first payment, A mail will be sent to you first which contains your pin number. Mine took almost 3 weeks before the mail arrived.
Now after you entered the pin number on their site, you can now cash out the money to your paypal account. Take note, the pin will be sent once! After you enter the pin number on their site, you can now withdraw anytime and the money will be sent directly to your paypal account.
So here's my very first payment from MicroWorkers.

Actually, While I was waiting for the mail to arrive, i was able to earn another $10 to my account. I just withdraw the money awhile ago so maybe my second payment will arrive next week. Cheers.
I still have 2 more sites to reveal. I actually got my payment from the first one but i realized that I need to meet their threshold limit before i can cash out the money. The other one is a PTC site and so far, everything is doing pretty good.

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