Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Offer From Social Spark and Blogvertise New Grab Bag System

Finally, after a long wait, i got my first ever offer at the new Social Spark site. I used to see some "Leads" there but never had a chance to get advertiser's approval. However the site has a 50$ threshold before you can cash out your money. I just wish i'll get continuous offers soon.
By the way, i also found out some changes in their site.
Instead of posting it directly to your site, you'll have to submit your articles directly to them and once the advertiser approve your post, it will be published automatically to your site. I just don't know how it works but they said that i will be notified 6 hours before being published to my site. Let see what will happen.
I also notice that the offers here in the new Social Spark are as high as what the old Social Spark has to offer. Which means, reaching $50 threshold will be easy if you get offers continuously.
(image taken from the web)

Speaking of changes, Blogvertise has something new to offer for bloggers.
"Bloggers will now be able to grab more tasks from the grab bag. Before, there was a limit of 1 grab bag per day per blogger. We have now updated the feature so that the limit is based on the blog instead of the blogger. Bloggers are now allowed 1 grab bag for each blog. So, for example, if you have 6 blogs in the system, you will be allowed to complete 6 grab bag tasks per day – 1 task for each blog."
If you got Pr2 or higher blogs, feel free to submit them at Blogvertise. It involves no competition here. They will notify you via email regarding about the available tasks for you.

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