Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February first Cut Off

My first payment from Payu2blog for this month just arrived though it is not as good as what i have earned last cut off of January. However, it is quite normal to have this kind of fluctuation because they do not have the same number of advertisers every day. Hopefully next cut off will give nice offers.
Oh i got my LoudLaunch payment yesterday too. It is very rare to get offers here and they are so demanding when it comes to the sponsored reviews. You'll be undergoing to so many process before they approve your article. You will not post your article directly to your site. You have to submit first your article on their site and then, their editors will tell if it is okay or not. If it's not, your article will be rejected immediately and if its okay, they'll send you the article via email and that's the time that you can post it on your blog. Then after that, it's time now for the advertiser to review your article. Which means aside from the editor's review, you also have to pass the advertiser review before you get the approval. They pay every month.

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