Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Every Dollar Counts

For me, when it comes to blog advertising, every dollar counts. Whether i'm dealing with a $0.50 offer or lower, it doesn't really matter. Inpostlinks (formerly the Payperpost) is a trusted blog advertising site however, i still prefer their old version. The offers here are good. For a PR2 blogs, you can get opportunities for as high as 15$ but the average would be $2.00. I really don't care how low the offer is ....it's just that, this site is very demanding... Will you consider writing a 200 word article for $0.50??? Very unfair right? Oh and also, you have to wait 30 days before getting paid....
Anyway, got my payments yesterday from this site.


  1. Yeah. Every dollar really counts nga. But as for me, I don't do paid article for InPostLinks if the price is $ 0.50. That is too low considering that $ 1.00 = around 30 pesos.

  2. ah me too... naku nakakapagod gumawa ng aticle tapos .50 lang hehehe...


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