Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Earnings Summary Report

I forgot to share you my earnings last month guys. Well, it wasn't really that good because it went down almost Php1000 again. I earned $282 last month or a total of Php12,408 compare to the Php 13,201 last March.
But i am hoping to get more this month especially now that i discovered 2 new sites (Blogging Ads and MicroWorkers). I am expecting to received $235 this month not to mention the upcoming offers at Payu2blog, and Sponsored Reviews this 2nd quarter of May.
Well in regards with the Adsense, i'm really not sure if i will received the payment this month. I mentioned before that i already reached the 100$ threshold limit right? I failed to realized that the"Estimated Earnings" is different from the "Finalized Earnings". I just checked my account last night and my total finalized earnings as of March 2011 is $98.46.
My average earnings per month in Adsense is around $6-7 so i'm sure i can reach the threshold limit this month. but i am not sure how long will it take before i can withdraw that amount.
I chose the Western Union payment method and according to Adsense the payment will be automatically sent the day after the payment so i am looking forward to that.

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