Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ghost Writing

While adverts are not so active these past few days, I was able to find a new way to earn money online haha. I am now a Ghost Writer. Ghost writing is where you write articles for other bloggers or web site owners but you will not be credited for it. Actually I'm already a ghost writer even before I decided to focus more on blog advertising using my own blogs so the drill wasn't that new to me already. I'm afraid I can mention their names here but i can show you some proofs of payment I got this week.

Payment for 1 article (minimum of 200 words)
For 7 Articlespayment for 5 Articles

I'm starting to like this Ghost writing job because you don't have to bid, to sign up or to deal with any blog advertising companies and also they pay me instantly. I got paid right after my submission.
If you need a ghost or guest writer, you can hire me too! just buzz me at my FB page
As for the rate, I think I'll go for the standard $2 per 200 words.
Oh Payu2blog sent me my payment too last Saturday (35$). Cheers....
LFB, SR, BV...... WAKE UP!!! LOL

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