Monday, March 21, 2011

LinkWorth is Changing

Link Worth is Changing! Google implemented algorithmic updates targeting certain sites that will be of even less value now.These are sites that are made for Adsense. Basically, these are websites that are usually published via some automated mechanism and their sole purpose is to aggregate syndicated content through RSS feeds or bot scrapers and then monetize them through AdSense or any number of ad networks.
"As they change, we need to ensure we’re updating our inventory offering too. I think it’s time to alter an old saying to reflect, “Content Can Kill A King”." LinkWorth said.
Moving forward, we are going to do our best to clean up our Partner inventory by not only declining these MFA & scraper sites upon their submission to LinkWorth, but also by removing the existing ones from our community. It won’t happen overnight, but we have begun taking steps to address it and ultimately we’ll be providing a very valuable service to all of our advertisers.
So remember that you always have to post unique content for your blogs and never cheat Google Adsense.

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